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Tax Law

Tax Law

Öngören&Karali Partners

Our Law Office provides solutions with administrative applications in tax examinations and reconciliation stages in the field of Tax Law, and if the dispute is not concluded, it provides the most appropriate results for our clients by filing tax lawsuits. In the field of Tax Law, in addition to the main taxes such as income, corporate and consumption taxes, we also work on inheritance and gift taxes and all kinds of transaction taxes, as well as customs and foreign trade taxes. The details of the services we offer as Öngören & Karali Partners are as follows.

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Tax Law Consultancy Services

The cases in our practice areas are listed as follows:

  • Annulment cases about tax/fine notices
  • Annulment cases about the order of payments
  • Annulment cases about normal, electronic and precautionary confiscation applications and precautionary tax accruals
  • Annulment cases about accrued tax and fines due to tax returns that filled with hesitation record
  • Refund cases about title fees and tax and payment exemptions related with urban transformation regulations
  • Annulment cases about VAT accruals that arised from not presenting the books and / or documents for inspection,
  • Annulment cases against (clear or implied) rejection of applications about correction and complaint to the tax Office
  • Annulment cases against rejection of application for cancellation of being taken into special procedures (code) lists and/or demanding to be applied general procedures while refunding VAT
  • Annulment cases against order of payment, confiscation and selling processes about the shareholders or legal representatives of stock corporations
  • Annulment cases about hidden capital or transfer pricing gains
  • Anulment case against VAT accrual arised from claim about using or composing invoices that are fake or misleading as of its content
  • Annulment cases aginst general or special fines about not obeying procedurals
  • Criminal cases about tax evasion crimes as cheating on records, using or composing invoices that are fake or misleading as of its content
  • Pursuing procedures of tax identity numbers for foreigners
  • Objections and cases against tax and penalty implementations about Custom Duty Legislation

Warning: All cases are about typical procedures that are defined in the codes about the Turkish Tax System. All types of objections are bound to tight rules in tax legislation. Not paying attention to time limits and these procedural rules may cause you to lose your rights.

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