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Consultancy Services For Companies


Consultancy Services For Companies

Öngören&Karali Partners

To receive continuous legal consultancy services for your company where you carry out your commercial activities; It is aimed to eliminate problems such as preventive medicine to a large extent before they occur. Thus, your company’s officials, on the one hand, learn about new developments in legal terms, can carry out their work with advantageous contract clauses specially prepared for you, and on the other hand, it eliminates the risk of paying financial compensations and litigation arising from faulty contracts. As Öngören & Karali law firm, the details of legal consultancy to the companies we have presented are as follows.

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Consultancy Services For Companies

In order to minimize future disputes, it is of great importance to conclude contracts that regulate mutual commitments and rights in detail between the parties at the beginning of the work. For this reason, all kinds of purchase and sale contracts, real estate purchase and construction contracts, contracts with the companies you work with are prepared by our expert lawyers and academicians from the university.

Preparation of contracts in the fields of personnel contracts, lease contracts, company partnerships and merger agreements, licenses, transfers, copyrights, patents, and giving opinions on the issues needed verbally and in writing are also included in the legal consultancy services.

Our office; In short, it provides the following legal services in return for a monthly fee to be determined or hourly wages to be determined.

  • To answer your questions verbally and in writing and to provide legal advice to your business.
  • Preparing your contracts with the companies and people you work with.
  • Examining the contracts you will make with your customers and adapting them to legal conditions.
  • Reviewing the service contracts for all your employees and adapting them to the new legal requirements.
  • Edit notices and your answers.
  • Attending mediation meetings.
  • Participating in emergencies or pre-agreed contracts and business meetings.

When your permanent legal consultancy relationship with our office is established, your attorneyship will also be undertaken in your case, enforcement proceedings and works related to your Company, upon your request; for these, the most appropriate wage will be determined together on the basis of each job.

Our basic approach to legal consultancy to companies; It is the fulfillment of legal services in a strategic, fast, effective, solution and result-oriented manner.

We have full confidence that we will make a difference in your company’s legal affairs with our cooperation with partner lawyers with 20-25 years of legal and business experience, our team of agile and knowledgeable lawyers with 5-15 years of experience, as well as university lecturers and retired judiciary members that we can easily reach.

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