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Öngören Law Firm was established by Prof. Dr. Gürsel Öngören in 1998 and merged with Karali Law Firm established by Ertuğrul Karali in 2003,  and continues its activities under the name of Öngören & Karali Law Firm.  Ertuğrul Karali and his team’s 20 years of experience in Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Banking Law, Insurance Law and company mergers and acquisitions have expanded the fields and expertise of our Law Firm.

Öngören & Karali Law Firm provides legal consultancy and advocacy services to companies, real estate investors, construction companies and, foreign companies that have an investment in Turkey with its partners who are also expert lawyers.  The main practice areas of the Law Firm are Commercial Cases, Mergers & Acquisitions, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Construction Law, Zoning Law, Urban Transformation Law, Administrative Law and Tax Law.

Our Law Firm also provides legal consultancy to companies about labor disputes, execution proceedings, collection of receivables and commercial claims, tax issues and has extensive experience in these areas. Our firm is known assertive in fast and effective collection of commercial receivables and compensation cases.

Ongoren & Karali Law Firm offers consultancy to real estate investors, landowners and construction companies under various topics such as; real estate purchasing process,  construction contracts, urban transformation, zoning, structuring and real estate selling process besides the advocacy services such as; opening the necessary cases and carrying out the litigation process.

Our Office, which has 25 years of experience in Legal Consultancy and litigation, firstly creates scientific opinions with an academic team, uses it for legal consultancy and then carries out lawsuits in the light of scientific opinions with its expert lawyer team.

Öngören & Karali Law Firm also has valuable experience in civil and criminal cases in relation to the Law Number 2863 and its application process in various constructional projects with registered historic buildings and protected areas with it took part in it.

Our firm not only offers legal consultancy services to foreign investors about real estate purchasing-selling, mergers & acquisitions, but also concentrate especially in recent years obtaining the Turkish Citizenship and purchasing real estate in a quite fast and efficient way. Öngören & Karali Law Firm, an expert in the preparation of all kinds of purchase and sale contracts, service contracts and construction contracts, carries out many cases regarding the disputes arising from the contracts.

Öngören & Karali Law Firm provides services in an effective and result-oriented approach, with the experience gained from the hundreds of projects undertaken since its establishment.

Meşrutiyet Cad. Ersoy İş Merkezi No:102/11-12 Kat:5 Beyoğlu 34420 İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE
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Öngören&Karalı Hukuk - Ertuğrul Karalı
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Real Estate and Construction<strong> Law</strong>

Real Estate and Construction Law

We provide professional consultancy services with our expert staff in all real estate and construction law processes.
Urban<strong> Transformation</strong>

Urban Transformation

We offer professional urban transformation consultancy to the owners of buildings, sites and flats.
Citizenship İn<strong> Turkey</strong>

Citizenship İn Turkey

We offer professional consultancy services in all processes that you may encounter on the way to gain Turkish citizenship.

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Meşrutiyet Cad. Ersoy İş Merkezi No:102/11-12 Kat:5 Beyoğlu 34420 İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE
+90 212 292 56 23

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