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    General Rules and Legislations for Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

    General Rules for Acquiring Turkish Citizenship
    • Foreigners who bring at least USD 500,000 fixed capital investment.
    • Those who have purchased immovable property worth at least $250,000, provided that they do not sell within three years from the date of purchase.
    • Those who deposit a minimum of USD 500,000 in Turkish banks, provided that it is not withdrawn for three years, will be able to acquire Turkish citizenship. In addition, the foreigner who owns an enterprise with a capacity of at least 50 workers will also be entitled to acquire Turkish citizenship.
    Qualifying for Turkish Citizenship by Fixed Capital Investment

    Foreigners determined by the Ministry of Industry and Technology to have made a fixed capital investment of US$ 500,000 may be granted Turkish citizenship by the decision of the President. Pursuant to the relevant legal regulations, the citizenship applications of foreigners who request citizenship based on a fixed capital investment of 500,000 USD shall be made in writing to the Ministry of Industry and Technology together with the necessary documents (investment information form, registry gazette showing the trade partnership structure, special purpose report, foreign investment proof of direct transfer to company capital, etc.). While calculating the fixed capital expenditure for the applications to be made in the following years, the expenditures made in the last 3 years will be taken into account. In case of additional fixed capital investment to an already existing investment, the increase in the amount of fixed capital investment from the beginning of the additional investment will be taken into account.

    Qualifying for Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

    In addition to fixed capital investment; It is also possible for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship if they purchase immovable property worth at least $250,000, which can be documented by title deed and determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, provided that they are not sold for three years.

    In this context;

    • For the sale of immovable property; In order to determine the amount declared in the application; A real estate valuation report in accordance with the Capital Markets Board valuation standards must be prepared by the valuation firms licensed by the Capital Markets Board.
    • The value of the value in the valuation report showing the market fair value of the real estate in US dollars will be calculated over the effective selling rate or cross rates announced by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey on the date of determination.
    • The foreigner who bought the immovable; He/she shall accept and declare that he/she will not sell this immovable property for 3 years due to the purchase of Turkish citizenship.
    • The title deed registration in the name of the foreigner will be made after the completion of this whole procedure.
    Acquiring Turkish Citizenship General Information

    All investment types have a time frame of 3 years. The foreigner who fulfills all the conditions specified in the regulation, together with his spouse and all children under the age of 18, if any, will acquire Turkish citizenship and will remain as Turkish citizens for life, and their children will also be born as Turkish citizens. Citizenship applications of candidates who apply with false or misleading documents will be suspended and other applications will not be considered even if they have fulfilled all the criteria. Therefore, it is important to receive counseling during the application and evaluation process. In addition, the foreigner who buys a house in Turkey is also entitled to a residence permit, which is extended for certain periods, both for himself and his family.

    With this residence permit, the children of foreigners have the right to receive education in Turkey, and it also becomes easier for foreigners with a residence permit to find a job and for companies to obtain work permits for foreigners.

    In this whole process; When you work with our Law Firm, which specializes in real estate law, the process of obtaining citizenship will be shortened as a result of our experience and the security of legal transactions in terms of real estate purchase and investment will be ensured.

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