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Execution Of Litigation


Execution Of Litigation

Öngören&Karali Partners

The most important issues in the conduct of a case; the finalization of the case in a short time, the preparation of the case depending on the correct legal diagnoses, and knowing whether the lawsuit will be won from the beginning or not, by looking at the decisions of the Supreme Court. You can trust our office in this regard. In the fields of activity of our office, all kinds of cases that fall under the judicial and administrative jurisdiction are followed up by strong academics and lawyers. Potential settlement negotiations are also carried out by experts in the field, both before the trial and during the trial, and they provide consultancy.

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Litigation and Our Expertise

We can list the cases we are expert in as follows:

  • Trade receivable cases
  • Enforcement proceedings objection cases
  • Bankruptcy and Concordat cases
  • inheritance cases
  • real estate lawsuits
  • jungle cases
  • Land registry lawsuits
  • Expropriation cases
  • Confiscation cases without expropriation
  • Cases related to sales contracts
  • Construction Contracts litigation
  • Urban transformation cases
  • Copyright claims
  • Employee and employer lawsuits
  • Actions for annulment of zoning plan and construction license
  • Administrative action cancellation cases
  • Lawsuits for annulment of regulation
  • Administrative fines cancellation cases
  • Compensation lawsuits against the state
  • Public Procurement cases
  • tax cases
  • Rental receivables and eviction lawsuits
  • Actions for annulment of decisions of protection boards
  • Lawsuits about protected areas
  • Antiquities registration cases
  • Criminal cases regarding registered works
  • Tax and customs criminal cases
  • Criminal cases regarding copyrights

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Consult our Experts

    Real Estate and Construction<strong> Law</strong>

    Real Estate and Construction Law

    We provide professional consultancy services with our expert staff in all real estate and construction law processes.
    Urban<strong> Transformation</strong>

    Urban Transformation

    We offer professional urban transformation consultancy to the owners of buildings, sites and flats.
    Citizenship İn<strong> Turkey</strong>

    Citizenship İn Turkey

    We offer professional consultancy services in all processes that you may encounter on the way to gain Turkish citizenship.

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