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June 1, 20130

In regard to the International Conservation Law and Foreigners, Law no. 6458 which has entered into force on 4th April 2013; one year residence permit will be given to the foreigners who have a real estate in Turkey. The residence permits were given for three months before the new regulation.

The change has been made in article 35 of the Land Register Law via the Law no.6302 on 3 May 2012. According to this change, foreigners can purchase a real estate in Turkey if there is any necessity of mutual relations and country interest and by abiding the legal restrictions, the countries of citizens which are taken place in the list determined by the Ministry of Counsels. Law no. 6302 came into force on 18 May 2012 however; the sales of real estate’s started on August 2012 after the Ministry of Council has clarified the countries which could purchase real estates. The reason why the Turkish Government expanded the residence permit is to open up the real estate investment in Turkey.

In regard to article 19 of the Law no 6458; it is compulsory to have the residence permit for people who want to stay in Turkey more than 90 days or more than visa exemption. According to article 30 of the Law no. 6458, type of residence permits are; (i) short period residence permit, (ii) family residence permit, (iii) student residence permit, (iv) long period residence permit, (v) humanistic residence permit, (vi) victim of human trafficking residence permit. The residence permit may be given to foreigners who have a real estate in Turkey in regard to article 31 of the Law no. 6458. The short period residence permit will be given maximum one year period.

The conditions to have a residence permit for foreigners who have a real estate in Turkey are; (i) not to be the foreigners who have prohibited to enter into Turkey, (ii) to have the sheltering in according to the general health and safety conditions, (iii) to show the criminal record which is taken from the foreigners own country if asked, (iv) to give the details of the residence address in Turkey. The residence permit could be given to the foreigners who have these conditions.

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