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The Turkish Code of Obligations Law No 6098 (Türk Borçlar Kanunu- it will be referred to as TBK) came into force on 01.07.2012 notwithstanding repealed the Law No 6570 on Property Lease. The repealed law had not recognized lessor’s right to terminate lease contracts for housing and roofed workplace except certain conditions were fulfilled. However,...

Regulation amending the Type Building Regulation for Planned Areas published and entered into force upon its publication date of 22.05.2004 in the Official Gazette numbered 29007. By the said regulation, the 6th provisional Article 6 amended as below which was regulated by the previous regulation dated 2.11.1985 in the Official Gazette numbered 18916. Provisional Article...

The regulation about occupational health and safety services support was published on the date of 24th December, 2013 in the Official Gazette numbered 28861. The regulation’s effective date was determined as the date of 1st January, 2014. The purpose of this regulation is to determine the procedures and principles regarding the support for the occupational...

By the reason of the contradiction to the 2nd and 38th Article of the Constitution, the subparagraph of (a) and (b) of article 65 of the Code of Protection of Cultural and Natural Properties (“Act”) numbered 2863 had been nullified by the Constitutional Court’s decision numbered 2011/18 that published in the Official Gazette dated 13th...

The regulation regarding Exchanging Natural Assets, Natural Archaeological Site and Banned Real Properties Which Have Been Found Specially Protected Environment Districts with the Public Properties has been published in the Official Gazette No:28727 and came into force on the date of 3th August of 2013. In the natural assets and natural archaeological site with specially...

The notification numbered 28692 published in the Official Gazette on the 29th of June 2013 by the Ministry of Customs and Trade and the process of harmonizing the articles of association of joint stock companies and limited liability companies’ articles of association is extended for a year. In accordance with the first paragraph of the...

“The Alteration Directive of the Planned Areas Typed Zoning Directive” (hereafter it will be referred to as “the Alteration Directive”) has published on the Official Gazette on 1 June 2013. The Alteration Directive shows which will be included to the precedent and it has also regulated the acquired rights. “Planned Areas Type Zoning Directive”, (hereafter...

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