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Article 12 of the Turkish Citizenship Law regulates the requirements concerning foreign natural persons who are entitled to acquire Turkish Citizenship under exceptional circumstances. As per an amendment of 28.07.2006 to the said article, “… those who have obtained a residence permit in accordance with the subparagraph (j) of the first paragraph of article 31...

Turkish Citizenship by investment program has been amended recently on 19th Septemper 2018 and requirements for citizenship by investment has been lowered. As a result; i. Foreigners who bring fixed capital investments of at least $500.000, or ii. Those who has purchased at least $250.000 worth of immovable properties without selling them within three years...

In Turkey, due to the frequent changes of construction regulations and plans, the performance of an agreement may become unfulfilleable or impossible, because of the failure to obtain required licenses after the conclusion of the contract or cancellation of the construction works by the local authorities. In such cases, the answers to the questions “What...

Overall View of Foreign Investments In Turkey By the Law No. 4875 “On Direct Foreign Investments” of 5 January 2003, the previous regulation of the Law on Encouragement of Foreign Investment was abolished. The new law aims to promote direct foreign investments, protection of foreign investors’ rights in the context of investment and investor terms...

Administrative fines, although to a lesser extent comparatively to punishment fines do affect lives of real persons and legal entities in a negative manner. Sometimes, even a low administrative fine may harm the companies through a distruction on the companies’ commercial credit. Our study is limited with the administrative fines which are imposed to generation...

The legal proceedings that can be applied on Turkish Law for the collection of a debt that is not secured with a pledge can be classified as “Execution for Debt” and “Action of Debt”. The creditor who obtained a judgment debt with the Action of Debt can make collection over the debtor’s property ownership with...

This article’s preamble and conclusion parts have been translated into English. The content of it is 13 pages and Turkish version is issued at our website. PREAMBLE Tax evasion crime committed by using forged document is essentially one of the economic crimes committed against state tresuary that is regulated at paragraph B of article 359...

Construction permit is a utilization permit provided by the Administration to the owners when using property rights. Even if it is in accordance with the zoning plans and regulations, owners cannot do any constructional activity on their parcels without obtaining consent from the Administration. Constructing without consent of the related administration has administrative and punitive...

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