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June 1, 20140

Regulation amending the Type Building Regulation for Planned Areas published and entered into force upon its publication date of 22.05.2004 in the Official Gazette numbered 29007. By the said regulation, the 6th provisional Article 6 amended as below which was regulated by the previous regulation dated 2.11.1985 in the Official Gazette numbered 18916.

Provisional Article 6- Before entering into force of this Article, indented for specific parcels, demolition permit application made or building was demolished or determined as risky structure or risky structure application is made by the Ministry’s licensed institutions with obtaining building identity number or construction contracts or project contracts were made or obtaining letter of undertaking or proxy before notary public or in order to start new construction to make application for subdivision or amalgamation, renunciation for road or development plan, road elevation, application made for having building license before entry into force of this regulation or other application made later for application drawings or in relation to parcels where soil survey or building foundation report were made on condition that to be concluded until 1/6/2016, should be concluded as per the provision of this regulation or as per the choice of applicants whether regulation dated 14.9.2013 or 8.9.2013 or amendments dated 1.6.2013 or legislation being in force before 1.6.2013. Nevertheless this provision shall not be applied for increasing number of floor or floor area ratio and for such this aim construction permit shall not be arranged.

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Mesrutiyet Avenue, Ersoy Business Center, No: 102/11-12 Floor: 5 Beyoglu 34420 ISTANBUL / TURKEY
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